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Yuna's Tiny Bees (Pair) - Final Fantasy X-2


Love Final Fantasy? What better way to show it than to take up Yuna's Tiny Bees and blast away all those monsters on the plains. You may even find some Gil to go with your Xp.

Sold as a Pair, Yuna's Tiny Bees are solid resin castings each measuring 26cm long, 14cm high and 4cm wide, moulded off a hand made replica created right here at Hades Industries.
Each piece is hand painted in different layers of paint and then sealed in several clear coats. As there is no barreling on these, the internal of the barrel will be painted blaze orange in accordance with Australian Regulations.

Note: This is a prop. It is a single piece of resin, cannot fire and cannot be made to fire. This prop is for display purposes only. Hades Industries accepts no responsibility for damage or harm caused by misuse of its products.

I in no way own the rights to Yuna, Final Fantasy or any affiliated material. This is a hand made prop.