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X-Men Crest - X-Men


Feeling that mutant gene changing your system? Exhibiting strange and powerful new abilities? Then it's a good guess that Professor Xavier won't be far away from coming to offer you a place in his School for Gifted Youngsters. Good thing, though, he's always encouraged the individuality of his students... Because that means the colour choice of your crests can be made to suit your own style.

Measuring at 7cm diameter, these resin cast X-men crests are perfect for adding to your Cosplay costumes or collections. Moulded from a hand made original, this piece has 3 layers of detail and is available in either painted or cold cast aluminium versions. Each piece has a flat backing so you can attach it to your costumes your own way.
Send a message with your colours when you place your order.

I in no way own the rights to X-Men, its characters or any affiliated material. This is a fan made prop.

Badge pins can be added upon request