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The Demon Knife - Supernatural


With demons running rampant from hell, it's handy to have a pig-sticker that'll gank those black-eyed sons o' bitches! With it's origins as a Kurdish knife being created for the souls purpose of being able to kill demons and most demonic entities, it's a handy tool in an eternal war... But you may have to argue it away from Ruby as it's the only one left in existence (that we know of).

Measuring in at 31cm total length, this solid resin prop is perfect to complete your demon hunting kit. Fully engraved blade, hand sculpted handle and fully hand painted and sealed.

Note: this is a resin cast prop designed for display purposes only. Hades Industries accepts no responsibility for harm or damage caused by misuse of this product.

I in no way own the rights to Supernatural or any affiliated material. This is a fan made prop.