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Nightwing Batarangs - Batman


When the original Boy Wonder, Dick Grayson, decided it was time to step out of Batman's shadow, he left the title of Robin behind. Stepping out to fight crime on his own path, he took up a new name. Nightwing. Using his martial arts skills and tactical abilities taught to him through years of training with his former partner, Nightwing continued to Safeguard Gotham City.

Made of a solid piece of resin, these Batarangs measure 18cm tip to tip. Each have been moulded from a hand made original piece and are sold hand painted in blue, red or black.

Note: these props are designed for display purposes only. Hades Industries accepts no responsibility for damage or harm caused by misuse of it's products.

I IN NO WAY OWN THE RIGHTS TO batman, Nightwing or any affiliated material. These are Fanning Made Props