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Misriah Armory Model 6G Pistol- Halo


This solid cold cast aluminium prop measures in at 24cm length, 18cm height, 4cm wide and weighs in at well over 0.5kg. This pistol replica is a single part solid cold cast metal construction which is buffed, polished, hand painted and sealed. A must have edition to any gamer arsenal and made right here in Australia. The lettering has been individually punched and had Hades branding punched into the base of the Magazine. Wear and tear work has been added for effect. This is a highly detailed, very solid prop.

NOTE: This is a prop and is designed for display purposes only. Hades Industries is not responsible for any misuse of this product. The prop does not fire or function in any way and cannot be made to do so.

I in no way own the rights to Halo or any affiliated material. This is a fan made prop.