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Ebony and Ivory - DMC


“Breaking news, Bob. You’re fired!”

Sometimes the only thing to do is hunt down some demons for your own enjoyment... so you might as well look stylish while you do it!
These props, Ebony and Ivory (sold as a pair), are solid resin, hand painted casts. Each pistol measures 28cm x 15cm x 3cm and have been cast from our handmade, handengraved original piece made in-house at Hades Industries.

Note: This is a solid resin prop. It cannot fire and cannot be made to fire. The prop is designed for display purposes only. Hades Industries accepts no responsibility for damage or harm caused by misuse of its products.

I in no way own the rights to Devil May Cry, DMC, Ebony and Ivory or any related material. These are fan made props.