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Blastech DL-44 Blaster - Star Wars


Blasters, a crude technology used the galaxy over by smugglers, pirates and the unsavory alike. Modified with venting for a variation of gas usages, this particular model is a far more powerful blaster than those coming directly of the factory floor.

Weighing in at just over 250 grams, this completely solid resin prop is a highly detailed piece. Hand made, hand painted and sealed, this piece has been created to look like the base model blaster used by Han Solo in the original Star Wars trilogy.
Scope attachments are also available.

Note: This blaster has been scaled down in size for the sake of costuming and is not a full scale replica.

This is a solid resin prop, it cannot fire and cannot be made to fire and is designed for display purposes only.
I in no way own the rights to Star Wars or any related material. This is a fan made prop.