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Hellsing Arms .454 Casull - Hellsing Ultimate


If you're going to be a basass Vampire hunting Vampire for a secret English Government organisation, you might as well we armed with the best hand gun a certain English Butler (or at least part time butler, part time assassin) can make! The Hellsing Arms Weapon Industrials .454 Casull!

This hand created solid resin cast prop weights in at well over half a kilogram and features laser engraved markings and details all down the slide. the slide itself measures 13 inches as indicated on the piece (in the original show, the weapon is stated to have a 10inch slide but this has been modified as, with a 10 inch slide, the scaling was incredibly off so was measured to eye from watching countless episodes of the Anime).

NOTE: This prop is cast as a solid piece of resin. There are no moving parts. Cannot fire and cannot be made to fire.
This prop is designed for display purposes only. Hades Industries accepts no responsibility for any damage or harm caused by misuse of its products.

I in no way own the rights to Hellsing, Hellsing Ultimate, Alucard or any related material. This is a fan made prop