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Deathstroke's Sword - Arkham Origins

$200.00 / Sold Out

"Payment for this hit is $50,000,000. One night to kill The Bat!"
Now available is the sword of Slade Wilson AKA Deathstroke: master strategist and assassin.
Made to look like one of the swords designed for Deathstroke in the popular Arkham game, this solid resin sword measures 96cm total length (20cm handle length) and is hand painted in layers and sealed in several clear coats.
The sword is designed for display or collectors, the resin is solid but flexible making it safe for conventions.

PLEASE NOTE: Resin is a form of casting plastic. The blade will flex. This is made for the look and style of a sword, not for practical use.

Note: this resin prop is designed for display. Hades Industries accepts no responsibility for damage or harm caused by misuse of this product.
The blade is solid but flexible. Hades Industries takes no responsibility for broken blades that occur in using this product. The resin used is impact resistant to protect this product as much as is possible.

I in no way own the rights to Deathstroke, Slade Wilson, the Arkham series or any affiliated material. This is a fan made prop.